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AT SATAKE, we propose consistent equipment ranging from small-scale equipment for the laboratory to PILOT machines and also large-scale production machines in order to undertake the optimum commercial production and industrialization in the field of cell cultures on the basis of our rich mixing history and excellent research and development, as well as numerical calculations capabilities.
Therefore, we provide BioReactors customized according to the specifications of the customer.
This activity can be referred to as a feature unique to SATAKE that is unmatched by any of the commercial production machines. Those who wish to place an order may feel free to contact the Biotechnology Business Department of SATAKE.

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Realization of Industrialization / Commercial Production / Scalability

Our BioReactors are characterized by the combination of the high-performance mixing impellers and mixing methods developed uniquely by SATAKE. Our BioReactors feature scalability that does not depend on the target scale. Scaling up mixers is an extremely difficult subject. Similarly, in the field of cell cultures too, we receive many queries regarding the fact that the controlled culture results obtained in the laboratory scale cannot be achieved in the production scale. This is because the conditions in the commercial production machines, the action of the fluid in the culture tank, and the physical adaptation are different from the BioReactors used in the laboratory in the research stage. When living beings are in question, the results cannot be achieved simply by the Pv value (energy consumption per unit volume). The laboratory machines used for experiments, and the cell culture measures aiming at commercial production require the development of consistent dedicated devices. Our BioReactors exhibit their capability with the purpose of examining commercial production rather than for experimental use. We also receive contracted culture tank numerical calculations and contracted examination cell culture. Please see the page on Solutions.

Target Scale

Microbial culture / Plant culture 1L〜3000kL(Higher quantities can also be manufactured)
Animal cell culture SUS Reactor 0.1L〜15kL(Higher quantities can also be manufactured)
Animal cell culture SUS Reactor 0.1L〜200L(As of 2020)
Reactor made from regenerative medicine glass 0.1L〜50L
Regenerative medicine SUB Reactor 0.1L〜200L(Can be customized as required)

The scales are for reference purpose only. We will reply with specifications corresponding to your needs.

All-in-one Scale Up Examination Kit

We provide the “All-in-one Scale Up Kit” of our company that undertakes not only laboratory experiments, but also industrialization and commercial production. A scale-up of 500ml to 10L is possible with the standard kit, and as an option, a scale-up of up to 200L can be examined. Note that depending on the demands of the customer, several variations of these configurations are possible. Please contact us. After deciding the specifications, we will customize the equipment and quote you the price. Please be sure to examine the all-in-one scale-up kit that is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

All-in-one Scale Up Examination Kit
100 ml to 10 l scale-up kit (with S-BOX)
Can be added up to 200L as an option

Microbial culture HSF Reactor

Microbial culture HSF Reactor

The HSF Reactor is a jar fermenter designed for comparatively low-viscosity microbe cultures, plant-based cultures, fungal-based cultures with high viscosity that show non-Newtonian properties, E. coli cultures, etc., in which target cells and bacterial cells have a comparatively strong shear factor, and cultures that require high OTR. It comes with the high-efficiency turbine HS100 and high-discharge axial flow impeller HR100 as a standard. Optimization is possible for scaling up to large-capacity tasks when paired with the S-BOX series controller for culture control.
An optional cooling chiller can be attached, and when using a heat transfer coil type similar to the actual machine, you can achieve conditions that are closer to the actual machine. As a specialty manufacturer of mixing device with the only dedicated mixing technology laboratory in Japan, we can apply final optimizations for actual machine and customize the device according to the physical properties of its contents.

Microbial culture / Plant culture HS Turbine

Super-mix HS100 Turbine

Super-mix HS100 Turbine

The HS100 turbine is a mixing impeller best suited for gas - liquid mixing. We separately took into consideration the liquid fluidizing action of the impeller and the shearing and destructive actions in a strong discharge field, and examined the flow condition for effectively achieving these actions. The flow is concentrated by using the lifting force of the impeller with low power, and strong shearing and destructive actions are produced by utilizing the pressure gradient and fluctuation in the discharge field. Through this action, high gas absorption performance and the required OTR are achieved. The highest performance capacity is 300 kl.

Super-mix HS124ND, 134ND Turbine

Super-mix HS124ND, 134ND Turbine

The HS124ND and HS134ND are turbine impellers having a high gas absorption performance that have been developed to further improve the gas absorption performance. Both the upper and lower blades have an effective discharge action that helps achieve an even higher gas absorption performance and the required OTR. The highest performance capacity is 200 kl.

SATAKE Sparger

SATAKE Sparger

SATAKE Sparger examines the discharge direction of the gas such that the flowing gas passes through the vicinity of the impeller, which is the shearing field. Moreover, a stationary impeller is installed in the ring, and by increasing the gradient of fluid flow, the shearing and destructive actions are improved. In addition, the stationary impeller also strengthens the discharge action. As a result of these actions, gas can be effectively distributed.

Performance History of Large-size Culture Tank

SATAKE takes pride in delivering many culture tanks from small size to large size. Here, we introduce an example of delivery records of large-size cell culture reactors (100 kl to 300 kl class). If you want to order a culture tank as well, the same will be jointly handled by the tank manufacturer working together.
【Motor power】
 ・600kW ・480kW ・130kW
 ・490kW ・470kW ・110kW
 ・485kW ・430kW ・90kW  etc.

Performance History of Large-size Culture Tank

Animal cell BioReactor MRF Reactor

Animal cell BioReactor MRF Reactor

The MRF Reactor is a BioReactor for laboratory use that aim at actual production and scaling up. In addition to a “Simple shape with excellent cleaning ability” that is important for the actual equipment, the “MR210Bio impeller used exclusively for cell culture” that exhibits excellent mixing and homogenizing performance is provided as a standard, and therefore, similar culture results as during laboratory experiments can be reproduced during scale-up too. Moreover, fluid surface fluctuation (fed-batch culture) is supported, because of which the same mixing performance is exhibited no matter how much the liquid volume. A wide range of liquid volumes from small volumes like 1.5 L to large volumes of 20,000 l can be supported.
With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 10α II”, changes in various parameters including PI control can be easily performed.

Continuous Culture
(Animal Cell Culture, Algae Biomass, Regenerative Medicine)
MRF-RB Reactor

Continuous Culture MRF-RB Reactor

The MRF-RB Reactor is a BioReactor developed as a high-performance mixers with equipped with the low-shear, high-efficiency Satake Super-mix® RB Mixing System that has been used in up to 3,000-ton class biomass reactors. It is a next-generation mixing system that utilizes the boundary layer effect and principles of tornadoes, offering uniform dispersion performance with superb low shearing and low power performance. In continuous culture applications with the basic condition that there is no liquid surface fluctuation, this product is optimal not only for algae cultures, but also animal cell cultures and regenerative medicine. It is extremely easy to scale up, making it optimal for production consideration during the research stage for the actual machine. It is also possible to customize for single use.

Regenerative Medicine and Cells with Low Shearing Resistance
VMF Reactor

VMF Reactor

The VMF Reactor is a vertical reciprocating motion type next-generation reciprocating mixer for cell culture that combines together excellent blending performance and gentle mixing. Unlike the general rotating type, severe shear stress control is possible. Moreover, a “completely enclosed structure” that does not require a complex rotating-axis seal mechanism is implemented. There is no threat of contamination or leakage, and it has a high level of sterility and cleanliness.
With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 10αII”, changes in various parameters including PI control can be easily performed. Through customization, up to eight machines in series are supported.

Micro-bubble system animal cell culture BioReactor
VerSus Reactor

Micro-bubble system animal cell culture BioReactor VerSus Reactor

The VerSus Reactor is a new and innovative BioReactor for animal cell culture in which the technology of “SPG membrane sparger*” by which micro-bubbles with extremely high homogeneity can be generated is fused with a VMF reactor. Through an efficient oxygen supply by the SPG membrane sparger, oxygen can be supplied efficiently without putting stress on the animal cells in the culture tank. Also, due to a decline in the DO air flow rate, a foam layer can be prevented. With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 10α II”, changes in various parameters including PI control can be easily performed.

*SPG membrane sparger has been developed jointly by MIYAZAKI PREFECTURE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER and JGC Corporation.

VMF-WSUB Reactor/TCS Controller

VMF-WSUB Reactor/TCS Controller

When using iPS cells in 3D floating undifferentiated culture for regenerative medicine, efficient culture medium replacement is important. By stopping the mixing BioReactor for culture medium replacement, cells settle to the bottom of the culture tank having the ability of arbitrarily sticking together on the spot. This process results in uneven cell aggregation (sphere diameter), sometimes adversely affecting induced differentiation efficiency. When induced differentiation is the goal, single cells are discharged along with the culture medium, making it necessary to modify the inside of the culture tank so that they are not affixed to the surface. To satisfy these requirements, clogs must be avoided and culture medium discharge must be stabilized over a long period of time. A control system is an important part of maintaining continuous, precise culture medium replacement. The VMF-WSUB / TCS system has achieved these goals and features specifications that are capable of actual production.

Single-use BioReactor

Single-use BioReactor VMF50L/200L-SUB

The VMF50L/200L-SUB is a single-use BioReactor for commercial production.
The lineup consists of models from 50 to 200 L (development planned for up to 1,000 L) with tabletop models from 200 mL to 10 L, which are self-standing from 50 L and up. This is the largest model in the standard VMF reactor series and a commercial production device that is perfectly scalable, offering an unprecedented starting size of 200 mL. The S-BOX × 200 controller is included as a standard, offering full control over DO, pH, temperature, in-bag pressure, etc., and is equipped with four embedded pumps in a series, a dedicated internal digital data logger, Satake data logger software, and a BioReactor data collection system, etc. It also supports computerized system validation, and documents are provided for qualification confirmation during the design stage, during installation, and during operation. We also provide support for clients who are not accustomed to creating user requested specifications. We guarantee just-in-time supply in small lots of locally-manufactured single-use bags for sterilization validation. We can meet various demands required for commercial production, so please feel free to contact us.

3D floating iPS cell differentiation induction BioReactor
HiD 4 × 4 Reactor

3D floating iPS cell differentiation induction BioReactor HiD 4 × 4 Reactor

The HiD 4 × 4 Reactor is the world’s first “Single-use mixer for 3D floating cell cultures” used exclusively for iPS cell differentiation induction. A BioReactor that achieves a high-volume production of uniform and homogeneous iPS cells is indispensable not only in regenerative medicine, but also in the “Use of human iPS cells in drug development” that aims at industrialization and commercial production. By promoting joint research and development with excellent research institutes or companies in Japan, we have succeeded in commercialization an iPS cell differentiation induction BioReactor for the first time in the world. 4, 8, 12, and 16 (or even more) such BioReactors can be controlled in a consolidated manner, and these are also best suited for screening. Moreover, we have also taken into consideration the adaptation to ES cells while performing development. With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 02”, changes in various parameters including PI control, and production control in accordance with the purpose can be performed.

Fully Customized / Exclusive Machines Sold on the Internet

We at SATAKE comply with the various demands of the customer. An example of this is introduced below.

・Construction of a continuous automatic culture medium replacement system
・Long life reactor for regenerative medicine (One-year operation conditions)
・Supply of S-BOX equipped with non-contact sensor “DO/pH” (many performance records in the world)
・Customization of single-use bags (based on computational fluid dynamics)
・Development of small-size closed system
・Supply of a cell culture reactor and culture tank set compliant with GMP validation (up to 5 kl)

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact use anytime.

We have prepared an MRF Reactor with simple specifications that is sold exclusively on the Internet. It is sold at one price across the Internet. You can request for a quotation and even purchase the machine with a single click, without any troublesome activities.