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Animal cell BioReactor VMF Reactor

Vertical reciprocating motion type mixer for cell culture

Development, Customization, and Single-use support of Exclusive Reactor in Accordance with Requirements Specifications

VMF Reactor
The VMF Reactor is a vertical reciprocating motion type next-generation reciprocating mixer for cell culture that combines together excellent blending performance and gentle mixing. Unlike the general rotating type, severe shear stress control is possible. Moreover, a “completely enclosed structure” that does not require a complex rotating-axis seal mechanism is implemented. There is no threat of contamination or leakage, and it has a high level of sterility and cleanliness.
With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 10α II”, changes in various parameters including PI control can be easily performed. Through customization, up to eight machines in series are supported.

Mixing impeller used exclusively for vertical reciprocating motion

Mixing impeller used exclusively for vertical reciprocating motion



Control of the shearing action and a good mixing action are both established, and an environment that is best suited for cell culture is created!!

Comparison of shear stress

CFD Simulation Analysis Result

Culture example

Culture example

Comparison of cell culture by CHO cells

The VMF reactor provides cells with the optimal physical environment in the culture tank, creating a suitable tank environment for cell cultivation compared to rotational BioReactors, maintaining a high rate of living cells compared to MRF reactors.
Although this superior effect is weakened for cells that are resistant to shear damage, this product offers superior performance for cell culture that relies on shear damage. This results in increased productivity.

VMF Reactor Specifications

S-BOX×10αⅡ Specifications