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Animal cell BioReactor VMF Reactor

Vertical reciprocating motion type mixer for cell culture

Development, Customization, and Single-use support of Exclusive Reactor in Accordance with Requirements Specifications

VMF Reactor
The VMF reactor is a vertical reciprocating motion type next-generation reciprocating mixer for cell culture that combines together excellent blending performance and gentle mixing. Unlike the general rotating type, severe shear stress control is possible. Moreover, a “completely enclosed structure” that does not require a complex rotating-axis seal mechanism is implemented. There is no threat of contamination or leakage, and it has a high level of sterility and cleanliness.
With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 10α”, changes in various parameters including PI control can be easily performed. Through customization, up to eight machines in series are supported.

Mixing impeller used exclusively for vertical reciprocating motion

Mixing impeller used exclusively for vertical reciprocating motion

Control of the shearing action and a good mixing action are both established, and an environment that is best suited for cell culture is created!!

Comparison of shear stress

CFD Simulation Analysis Result

Culture example

Culture example

Comparison of cell culture by CHO cells

Here we show the cell viability in the later stage of the culture under the batch cell culture condition for the turbine type (flat turbine) and wide paddle type (elephant ear) impellers used in the conventional rotating type BioReactor. It can be confirmed that the MRF reactor maintains a higher cell viability than the other conventional impellers in the later stage of the culture. A characteristic of the MR210Bio that has a low shearing action and high mixing homogeneity performance is the realization of scale-up to a large-size reactor through the combined use of numerical fluid calculation.

■VMF Reactor Specifications
Item Specifications
Product name VMF Reactor
Model VMF-500 VMF-1500 VMF-3000 VMF-10000
Temperature control type Band heater method (PID control) with excessive temperature rise prevention function(MAX 80℃)
Linear-motion transmission method Linear shaft drive non-sealing type
Ventilation type Sintering metal type*Optional
Performance Temperature regulation range Room temperature+5~20℃ (normally set to 37℃)
Temperature regulation accuracy ±0.3℃(37℃)
Max. up/down motion amplitude 40mm
Max. impeller speed 300mm/s
Function Temperature setting Digital setting
Up/down motion setting Touch panel input
Configuration Band heater 150W
Mixing motor Max. output 800W
Mixing impellers Standard VM200 Standard VM100 + VM200
Standard Culture tank dimensions Inner diameter90
×200Depth [mm]
Inner diameter110
×169Depth [mm]
Inner diameter140
×203Depth [mm]
Inner diameter200
×360sDepth [mm]
Culture tank total capacity 0.5L 1.5L 3L 10L
Operating ambient temperature range 10~35℃
Outer dimensions 300W×485D×890H[mm] (When a fall prevention fitting has been attached、360W)
Weight Approx. 28kg Approx. 28kg Approx. 30kg Approx. 34kg
Rated power supply AC-100V, 50/60Hz

* The performance is the value at a room temperature of 20℃, rated power supply voltage 100 VAC 50 Hz, during no load.

Item Specifications
Name Culture controller
Model S-BOX×10α
Display range / accuracy pH 0.00~14.00 [pH] Display accuracy:F.S±0.5%
DO(Dissolved oxygen) 0.00~10.00 [mg/L]
FL(O₂ flow rate) 0.00~20.00 [mL/min]
Control setting range pH 0.00~14.00 [pH]
DO(Dissolved oxygen) 0.00~10.00 [mg/L]
FL(O₂ flow rate) 0.00~20.00 [mL/min]
Control output pH ON/OFF control
DO(Dissolved oxygen) Flow rate addition/subtraction step control
FL(O₂ flow rate) PI control (slope set method: Time, %)
Record output pH Data logger included
DC 0~5 [V]
Output accuracy:F.S±0.5%
DO(Dissolved oxygen)
FL(O₂ flow rate)
Power supply AC 100 V, 50/60Hz
Case material SUS304 (No coating)
Indoor type, non-drip proof, non-explosion proof specification
Installation method Indoor tabletop type
Outer dimensions W260×H350×D300 [mm]
Ambient environment conditions Temperature 5~45 ℃
Humidity 20~85 %(No dew formation)
Utility Power supply 100 VAC electrical outlet × 2 (for controller unit and recorder)
O₂ Flow rate 20 ml/min or less Supply pressure 0.3 MPa
Connection port Φ6 tube one-touch joint
CO₂ Flow rate 50 ml/min or less Supply pressure 0.2 MPa
Connection port Φ6 tube one-touch joint
AIR Flow rate 150 ml/min or less Supply pressure 0.2 MPa
Connection port Φ6 tube one-touch joint

* O₂, CO₂, and AIR must all be dry gases that do not contain corrosive components, dust, and oil mist