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MRF-RB Reactor

Low-shear, high-dispersion mixing system combined with the RB Mixing System

Development, Customization, and Single-use support of Exclusive Reactor in Accordance with Requirements Specifications

MRF-RB Reactor
The MRF-RB Reactor is a BioReactor developed as a high-performance mixers with equipped with the low-shear, high-efficiency Satake Super-mix® RB Mixing System that has been used in up to 3,000-ton class biomass reactors. It is a next-generation mixing system that utilizes the boundary layer effect and principles of tornadoes, offering uniform dispersion performance with superb low shearing and low power performance. In continuous culture applications with the basic condition that there is no liquid surface fluctuation, this product is optimal not only for algae cultures, but also animal cell cultures and regenerative medicine. It is extremely easy to scale up, making it optimal for production consideration during the research stage for the actual machine. It is also possible to customize for single use.

Low-power, low shear action continuous BioReactor equipped with high-efficiency mixing system

RB Mixing system

In general, mixing is accomplished by using impellers to fluidize liquid. The role of impellers in the RB mixing system is not active mixing. The hint lies in natural flow and rectification action, and tornadoes, which are powerful enough to lift up houses. We wondered what the rectification action and tornado forces would create inside the mixing tank. The RB mixing system consists of an impeller, which generates a swirling flow inside the mixing tank, and radial blades that efficiently exchanges the swirling flow (boundary layer effect) toward the center at the bottom of the mixing tank with a tornado-shaped upward flow, forming a system that creates flow patterns that were unthinkable in conventional mixing. The ”RB” in the name comes from its Radial Blade component. Because the swirling flow is the main flow, the relative velocity difference near the blade is diminished, creating an extremely low shear action and superb uniform cell dispersion inside the culture tank, resulting in efficient mixing for biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy generation (water treatment), and other applications.

Mixing method comparison table

※Vtip:Blade tip peripheral speed

Mixing method Maximum upward flow velocity coefficient %
(vs. Vtip* ratio)
Impeller/liquid relative velocity difference coefficient
(shear velocity ratio)
Maximum possible mixing vertical ratio
(depth H/tank diameter D)
RB mixing system
87 0.4 5 or more possible
Mixing with four baffle plates 30 0.8 Up to about 2
Mixing without baffle plates 15 0.4 Up to about 1.5
Mixing method comparison


Mixing System

CFD simulation analysis results

CFD simulation analysis results

High depth,
high circulation formation

Flow action (upper)
/shear stress (lower)

MRF-RB Reactor Specifications

S-BOX×10αII Specifications

S-BOX×10 Simple Specifications