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VerSus Reactor

Collaboration of VMF Reactor/SPG membrane sparger

Development, Customization, and Single-use support of Exclusive Reactor in Accordance with Requirements Specifications

VerSus Reactor
The VerSus Reactor is a new and innovative BioReactor for animal cell culture in which the technology of “SPG membrane sparger*” by which micro-bubbles with extremely high homogeneity can be generated is fused with a VMF Reactor. Through an efficient oxygen supply by the SPG membrane sparger, oxygen can be supplied efficiently without putting stress on the animal cells in the culture tank. Also, due to a decline in the DO air flow rate, a foam layer can be prevented. With the help of the dedicated controller “S-BOX × 10α II”, changes in various parameters including PI control can be easily performed.

SPG membrane sparger

SPG membrane sparger
The micro-bubbles can be homogeneously dispersed inside the tank.

*SPG membrane sparger has been developed jointly by MIYAZAKI PREFECTURE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER and JGC Corporation.

We promise further improvement in production efficiency with the “VerSus Reactor” which is a collaboration of the “VMF Reactor” that controls the physical action in the cell culture tank and “SPG membrane sparger”, which is an excellent micro bubble technology.

Culture example

Culture example

Comparison of cell viability
by CHO cells

The growth curve of CHO cells based on the presence of SPG membrane sparger is shown by using the VMF reactor. It is understood that the culture results improves significantly by using the SPG membrane sparger. Due to micro-bubbles having extremely high homogeneity, the high gas absorption performance significantly reduces the DO air flow rate, which is the cause of formation of a foam layer, without disturbing the weak flow. VerSus reactor has a significantly improved total performance.

Comparison of production of
antibodies by CHO cells

The result* of scale-up from the control quantity of 8 l to 150 l by using CHO cells having high dependability on the shear stress is shown below. Here, the actually commercially-available production of antibodies is undertaken. As a result, in the 150-l scale-up condition, either almost the same or more volume of production of antibodies than the control quantity of 8 l was obtained. This scale-up is performed by the numerical fluid calculation at a constant shear factor, and its advantage in the combined use of computational fluid dynamics and cell culture has been proved.
* The result of joint research with JGC Corporation

Item Specifications
Name VerSus Reactor
Model VSR-05 VSR-1 VSR-3 VSR-10
Temp. control device Band heater (PID control) with over-temperature protection function (Max. 80 [℃])
Power transmission Linear shaft drive non-sealing type
Gas supply type Shirasu porous glass (SPG) membrane type (additional option : sintered metal type)
Performance*1 Temp. control range Room temperature + 5 - 20 [℃] (normally set to 37 [℃])
Temp. accuracy ±0.3 [℃] (37 [℃])
Max. shaft stroke 40 [mm]
Max. shaft speed 300 [mm/s]
Function Temp. setting Touch panel input, data output DC1 - 5 [V]
Vertical motion setting Touch panel input, data output DC0 - 5 [V]
Configuration Power of band heater 60 [W] 105 [W] 160 [W] 480 [W]
Power of motor Max. power 800 [W]
Mixing impellers VM200 VM100+VM200*2
Culture tank Dimensions I.D. 90 x Depth 200 [mm] I.D. 110 x Depth 169 [mm] I.D. 140 x Depth 203 [mm] I.D. 200 x Depth 360 [mm]
Culture operation volume 0.3 [L] 1.2 [L] 2.4 [L] 7 [L]
Usage condition 10 - 35 [℃]
Outer dimensions W360×D485×H905 [mm]
Weight Approx. 28 [kg] Approx. 28 [kg] Approx. 30 [kg] Approx. 34 [kg]
Power supply AC100 [V], 50/60 [Hz]
*1 The performance is the value under room temperature 20 [℃], power supply AC100 [V], 50 [Hz] and no load condition.
*2 Depending on the Culture operation volume, the only mixing impeller may be only the VM200.

Item Specifications
Name Culture controller
Model S-BOX×10αII
Control pH, DO (Dissolved oxygen), FL (O₂ flow rate), Pump
Display range/accuracy pH (Hydrogen ion concentration) 0.00 - 14.00 [-] Display accuracy: ±0.5 [%] F.S.
DO (Dissolved oxygen) 0.00 - 20.00 [mg/L]
FL (O2flow rate) 0.00 - 20.00 [mL/min]
Setting range pH (Hydrogen ion concentration) 0.00 - 14.00 [-]
DO (Dissolved oxygen) 0.00 - 10.00 [mg/L]
FL (O2flow rate) 0.00 - 20.00 [mL/min]
Control type pH (Hydrogen ion concentration) ON/OFF control
DO (Dissolved oxygen) O2addition/subtraction step control
O2and N2ON/OFF control
O2PI control (slope set method: TIME, %)
FL (O2flow rate) PI control (slope set method: TIME, %)
Data output pH (Hydrogen ion concentration) With data logger DC0 - 5 [V]
(option : Load factor can be outputted.)
Accuracy: ±0.5 [%] F.S.
DO (Dissolved oxygen)
FL (O2flow rate)
Mixing frequency
Temperature sensor DC1 - 5 [V]
MTA of outer surface SUS304 (no coating), indoor type, non-waterproof, non-explosion proof specification
Installation Indoor tabletop type
Outer dimensions/weight W350×D400×H530 [mm] ・ Approx. 15 [kg]
Usage conditions Temperature 5 - 45 [℃] Humidity 20 - 85 [%] RH (No condensation)
Sensors Polarographic DO sensor/pH sensor manufactured by Mettler Toledo company
(Option: Optical DO sensor manufactured by Automatic System Research Co., Ltd. )
Utilities Power supply AC100 [V], 50/60 [Hz], electrical outlet 2 gang (for main control unit and recorder)
N2 Flow rate 50 [mL/min] or lower, supply pressure 0.2 [MPa], connection port φ6 one touch tube fitting
O2 Flow rate 20 [mL/min] or lower, supply pressure 0.2 [Mpa] connection port φ6 one touch tube fitting
CO2 Flow rate 50 [mL/min] or lower, supply pressure 0.2 [MPa], connection port φ6 one touch tube fitting
AIR Flow rate 150 [mL/min] or lower, supply pressure 0.2 [MPa], connection port φ6 one touch tube fitting
*All of N2, O₂, CO₂, and AIR must be dry and clean gases that do not contain corrosive components, dust, and oil mist.