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testing equipment

We provide environmental testing equipment that performs performance testing of industrial products at a high accuracy. We participate as a partner in the development of devices manufactured by the user right from the planning stage, and comply with all their needs through a complete proposal that includes everything from the test conditions to the device installation environment.


The repeatability of SATAKE’s calorimeters is within 1%

English physician J.P. Joule was the first person to successfully conduct accurate calorimetric measurements in the middle of the 19th century, and determine the mechanical equivalence of heat. The test established a 1:1 relationship between heat and energy. This remains the key to determining energy efficiency in calorimetric measurement tests today. Thanks to the popularization of air conditioners, pleasant air conditioning is available irrespective of the season. Air conditioners and other air conditioning and refrigeration machinery have become indispensable for every industry, and the market for them is expected to continue to expand in the future. Subsequently, research and development in energy-saving and high-efficiency air conditioning and refrigeration machinery will become more important than ever.

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