Products & Services

Products & Services

Evaluation of
contracted cell culture

Introduction of Equipment Owned

BioReactors VMF reactor Liquid volume: Approx. 200 ml to 8 l
Two units can run simultaneously
MRF reactor Liquid volume: Approx. 1 l to 2.4 l
S-BOX(Controller) dissolved oxygen concentration(DO)、pH control
SPG membrane sparger / sintering sparger
Other CO2 incubator (two units) with shaker
Clean bench
High-pressure steam sterilizer
Deep freezer(-80℃)
Liquid nitrogen storage container
Digital microscope (20 to 200 times)
Counting of number of cells Blood cell counting chamber
Cell counter(TC20)
Component analysis in culture supernatant Multi-function biosensor(BF-7) Constituents such as glucose, lactic acid, glutamine, glutamic acid, ammonia, and others need to be discussed.
Absorbance microplate reader
(Multiskan GO)
Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity (The quantity of antibody needs to be discussed)

Cell handling result

Cell culture of floating cells CHO cells (Hamster ovary cells) CHO-S、CHO-K1、CHO-DG44、CHO 1-15500
HL60 cells (Human acute myelogenous leukemia)
U937 cells (Human histiocytic lymphoma)
Cell culture of attached cells HeLa cells (Human cervical cancer)
Vero cells (African green monkey’s kidneys)
MDCK cells (Canine kidneys)
Flow contracted culture(Click to open details)

Presentation of customer’s requirements

First of all, hear what the customer desires.

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Prior meeting

・Confirmation of customer’s objective, cells, and culture method
・Explanation of equipment


Conclusion of an NDA

・Disclosure of detailed information, such as protocols, etc.
・Meeting about cell culture conditions

Grant of cell line

Cell culture experiment

・Counting of number of cells by sampling, analysis of cell culture liquid constituents
・If necessary, the cells and culture supernatant are sent after cell culture

Result report

Submission of report, meeting about future course of action