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Products & Services

Development of
exclusive mixers and impellers
by purpose of use

We comply with all requirements of the customers in accordance with their specifications. For example,

 - Development and proposals by the purpose of use of dedicated mixers and mixing impellers in line with the specifications of customers
 - Path of solution to problems
 - Development of devices unknown till now for new businesses,

etc. Please feel free to contact us for other details. The general scheme of development of dedicated mixers and impellers by the purpose of use is described below. * This is only a typical reference example, and not all developments proceed in this manner

Scheme of development of exclusive mixers and impellers by
 purpose of use (Click to open details)

Presentation of customer’s requirements, problems, and topics

First of all, hear what the customer desires.

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First meeting

Understand the requirements of the customer (only an overview at this stage).
Proposal of a method of examining and proceeding by SATAKE on the basis of the overview of customer’s requirements.
Carry out repeated meetings until the customer is satisfied, and move on to the next step once it has been decided that both companies can strike a deal.

Conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement

Conclude a non-disclosure agreement after a check of the intellectual property and legal affairs of both companies, on the basis of either SATAKE’s NDA template or the customer’s NDA template.

Confidential information disclosure kick-off meeting

Examine the contents to comply with the requirements of the customer while disclosing the confidential information by both companies.
Carry out meetings several times until both companies are satisfied.
Once the direction is decided, proceed to the next step.

Quotation and budget decision

Issue a quotation if a contract is established, or a decision is taken based on it. If applicable, move to contracted numerical calculation.

Conclusion of a joint research and development agreement

Conclude a joint research and development agreement on the basis of the contents discussed in detail.

Quotation and budget decision

Deciding a schedule

Decide a schedule between both companies, and move to specific joint activities.
There are several types of schedules, such as those for each target issue, or for each year, or for several years.

Commencement of laboratory examination, development, and calculation

Although it differs according to the contents of activities, the substantial laboratory examination, development, and calculation start from here.

Holding a reporting session for each STEP and presenting reports

Although the timing of the reporting session differs according to each schedule, it is held at the time of completion of verification of delivered goods, or at an intermediate timing, or at the time of a long-term event.

Examination completion

The examination is complete in the laboratory or at a stage conforming to the same.

Commencement of trial production and PILOT examination

Proceed to the next step. In some situations, numerical calculations are also performed.

Prototype evaluation, PILOT evaluation report, and report submission

The actual evaluation is performed. While there are cases occasionally to introduce actual machine from the laboratory stage, prototype and PILOT evaluation and verification are recommended.

Design of actual machine and numerical fluid calculation

From the results of the PILOT machine, move to examination of the actual evaluated machine and examination of the numerical calculations for the actual machine.

Final report and examination completion

If the installation of the actual machine is not going to happen soon, issue a final report at that stage.

Holding a reporting session and presenting reports

If it is possible to evaluate the actual machine, proceed to the next step.

Delivery of the actual machine

Deliver the product, and move to the follow-up check during actual operation. The process has substantially ended.

Move to evaluation of the actual machine and the next topic

There are many cases of moving to the ancillary examination topics. In such cases, the process is started from the beginning.

The general scheme was thus explained above. However, a customer has several demands, and it is not possible to proceed in accordance with a pattern.
Each time, the method of proceeding is decided together with the customer.

Case example of development of dedicated mixers and impellers
 by the purpose of use (Click to open details)

Here, we introduce some of the past records and results published until now for which SATAKE is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights. The mixers and mixing impellers introduced here are based on technologies that can normally be sold except for usage purposes in accordance with some of the joint development agreements. Be sure to report whether or not these can be used according to the purpose of the customer.

  • MR210SL-C


    This is a special MR210SL-C mixing impeller or mixer that improves the heat transfer performance in polymerization. The blade itself is considered to be a cooling transfer area and the area inside the drive axis is considered to be a cooling water flow path with a duplex tube structure. SATAKE has acquired an independent patent, and the technology can be widely provided except the usage purpose of some of the joint researchers.

  • MR220SC


    This is a special MR220SC mixing impeller that improves the jacket heat transfer performance and the mixing performance of fluids with a hard flow in the field of crystallization and chemicals. We have obtained a lot of results up to the 15 m3 class. It also exhibits its capability in the field of fine chemicals through combination with high-dispersing mixers. Since SATAKE has acquired an independent patent after joint development, the technology can be widely provided.

  • Cross EVA HRX300

    Cross EVA HRX300

    In the thickening process, the liquid level falls down due to evaporation, and as the viscosity gradually increases, the fluidity deteriorates, and the mixing performance drastically drops. This is the next-generation mixing impeller Cross EVA HRX300 that efficiently realizes evaporation in the process of concentrated (thick) mixing. The first machine was delivered soon after development. Since there are no specific restrictions during evaporation and concentration, this technology can be widely used.

  • RB digester chambers

    RB digester chambers

    In the large-size mixing digester chambers in the field of water treatment, the “creation of energy” by collecting energy from primary sedimentation sludge and garbage in a scale of a few thousands of tonnes is being promoted. This device that is used to create energy must proceed with the digestion reaction at a low power consumption. Shown here is the RB-Mixing System digester chamber that makes this possible. It has been provided by joint developers to the public authorities, however, in principle, it can be widely provided to the citizens.

In addition, a lot of unpublished mixers and mixing impellers have been introduced to the world. Along with the market expansion with the above results, we are implementing innovation through new activities.