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Products & Services

Contracted numerical calculation

In SATAKE, we have organized a “Team dedicated to numerical calculations” in the mixing laboratory, which performs the numerical calculation tasks for research, development, selection, and design within the company. * The numerical calculations for products of normal operations are handled by the CFD analysis staff of the Sales Technology Department at Tokyo and Osaka

Along with the construction of many high-speed EWS, we are equipped with various calculation processes and calculation software, and have co-established a high calculation capability and demonstration capability(experiments in the research field) in order to comply with the demands from customers that are getting more and more complex. You may order your numerical calculations concerning mixing to SATAKE.

What you can achieve through our numerical calculations

Among the queries related to numerical calculations that we receive from our customers, the maximum are about “What can numerical calculations help us achieve?“ To tell the truth, the reply to this is “You can do anything with numerical calculations”. However, the thing to be noted here is that this requires both “Time” and “Money”. Therefore, first of all, instead of worrying about what you can achieve, please let us know what you actually want to realize? “What can be achieve”? If you start thinking from here, you will be wasting your time unnecessarily.

Scheme of contracted numerical calculation(Click to open details)

Customer’s requirements

First of all, hear what the customer desires.

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First meeting

Understand the requirements of the customer (only an overview at this stage).
SATAKE will present the calculation conditions, model, and estimated budget on the basis of the overview of your requirements. Carry out repeated meetings until the customer is satisfied, and move on to the next step once it has been decided that both companies can strike a deal.
If you wish to get the validation of calculations and experiments, we will perform separate examination of experiments and quotations. We will verify the experiments and calculations by using our laboratory facilities.

Examination completion

Conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement

Conclude a non-disclosure agreement after a check of the intellectual property and legal affairs of both companies, on the basis of either SATAKE’s NDA template or the customer’s NDA template.
* In some cases where the conclusion of an NDA is not desired, we proceed with the activities without any agreement

Confidential information disclosure kick-off meeting

Examine the contents to comply with the requirements of the customer. Carry out meetings several times until both companies are satisfied. In joint researches and contracts, agreements updated every year are comparatively high in number. Once the direction is decided, proceed to the next step.

Quotation and budget decision

A quotation is issued after the form of agreement, such as joint research and development, or contract, etc. has been decided.

Deciding a schedule

Decide a schedule between both companies, and move to specific joint activities.
There are several types of schedules, such as those for each target issue, or for each year, or for several years.

Holding a reporting session for each STEP and presenting reports

Although the timing of the reporting session differs according to each schedule, it is held at the time of completion of verification of delivered goods, or at an intermediate timing, or at the time of a long-term event.
Since the data volume is large, the medium of report submission is electronic media such as DVD-ROM, etc.

Move to evaluation of the actual machine and the next topic

There are many cases of moving to the ancillary examination topics. In such cases, the process is started from the beginning.

The general scheme was thus explained above. However, a customer has several demands, and it is not possible to proceed in accordance with a pattern.
Each time, the method of proceeding is decided together with the customer.

Case example of numerical calculations and analysis

Here, we introduce the contents analyzed until now that can be published. Of course, there are piles of records in addition to these, and validation against the experiment data is also performed.

Case example of numerical calculations and analysis

In addition to these, we perform many unpublished numerical calculations. We have been implementing several innovations such as research, product development, and scale-up/scale-down of the actual machine.