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We perform maintenance of small mixers rapidly. Please confirm the following and contact us by email or phone.

Portable Mixer / Multi A Mixer

Please send products for repair to us, we will check the location of the problem at our factory and provide a repair quotation.
After your agreement, we will repair the product and return it to you after completion. When requesting repairs, maintenance or parts purchase, please confirm the mixer nameplate or delivery drawings and contact us with the following information to the extent possible.

When requesting repairs, maintenance or parts purchase, the production number(SER.NO.) is absolutely necessary.

Maintenance Maintenance02

If you have the drawings, please indicate the SATAKE JOB No. or DWG.No.

The nameplate is in a different location from the motor. Please note that it is different from the nameplate of the motor.

EG mixer

Please be aware that we do not provide repair, maintenance or parts supply.

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