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Products & Services

Bio & regenerative medical techniques

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Regenerative medicine, animal cultures, microorganisms, plant cultures, commercial bio production equipment / GMP validation

We have adapted our mixing technology that we have developed over many years to the culture field, and offer optimal cultures from laboratory to production. In order to bring the culture results from the laboratory to actual production, we offer more efficient proposals through contract culturing / contract numerical calculations, in addition to our comprehensive equipment development and supply services from small size to production devices. In addition, as well as being the only domestic manufacturer with a lineup of products that are compatible with various validations and single-use applications, we are working on development of a long-term BioReactor suitable for continuous and long-term culturing, an area which is drawing attention in the field of regenerative medicine and iPS cell drug discovery and use. We set up the Bio Business Division in order to promote the biotechnology business, and have set development and customization of dedicated machines that meet customer sp

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