About Us

About Us

ISO activities

We have acquired the international standard certification for quality management system, ISO 9001, and are strengthening our efforts toward improvement in the quality of products in order to further improve the customer satisfaction level. 
We have also acquired the international standard certification for environmental management system, ISO 14001, and are promoting product development by ensuring not only environment protection and abidance of accompanying laws and regulations, but also taking into consideration energy-saving, water discharge measures, and a reduction in environmental load.

ISO 9001 Quality Policy

In order to constantly deliver the best quality products to customers , SATAKE has stipulated a quality policy and promotes quality assurance activities.

Quality Policy

To be devoted to the production of products that can be used with satisfaction and confidence by our customers

ISO 9001 certificate acquisition

Tokyo office・Osaka office

[Scope of review]

Development, design, manufacture, repair, and sales management of mixing devices

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

In order to aggressively work towards a reduction in the environmental load in all corporate activities, SATAKE has stipulated an environmental policy and is putting efforts in the continuous preservation of global environment.

Environmental Policy

・To minimize the effect that a business establishment present in a city exerts on the surrounding environment, such as noise and exhaust fumes and gases
・To promote the preservation of global resources through a reduction in the resources and energy consumed by the company, and also energy-saving of the company’s products
・To reduce the industrial waste generated by the company, and also promote recycling of the company’s products and incidental facilities

ISO 14001 certificate acquisition

Tokyo office・Osaka office
Chubu sales service center

Environmental Activities

Rooftop greening and solar power generation

We have installed solar panels and greenery sits on the rooftop, thus ensuring that our building is constructed in consideration of the environment.

Environmental Activities  Environmental Activities