About Us

About Us

Information about our bases

With Japan as the center, we have bases overseas for sensing the needs of each country more quickly and delivering SATAKE’s

Information about our bases Map

Korea / Hado Co., Ltd

China / Dailian Satake Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

China / Shanghai Satake Cool-Heat & Control
Technique Co., Ltd.

China / Suzhou Satake Engineering Co., Ltd.

Taiwan / Kwan-Tai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taiwan / Satake Asia Sales & Services Co., Ltd.

Taiwan / Chuyi System Co., Ltd.

Tokyo office・Tokyo plant
Mixing technology laboratory

Chubu Sales Service Center

Satake Engineering Corporation

Satake Laboratory Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Satake Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

Osaka office・Osaka plant

China / Satake (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd.

Satake Multimix (M) Sdn. Bhd.