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Repeatability error of Satake's calorimeter is within 1%

English physician J.P. Joule was the first person to conduct accurate calorimetric measurements in the middle of the 19th century. His experiments involved the first successful case of determining the mechanical equivalence of heat. The test established a 1:1 relationship between heat and energy. This remains the key to determining energy efficiency in calorimetric measurement tests today.

Thanks to the popularization of air conditioners, pleasant air conditioning is available irrespective of the season. Air conditioners and other air conditioning and refrigeration machinery have become basic needs for every industry, and the market for them is expected to continue to expand in the future. Subsequently, research and development in energy-saving and high-efficiency air conditioning and refrigeration machinery will become more important than ever.

Psychrometric calorimeter

This is a calorimetric measuring device based on the air enthalpy measuring method. It is applied to room air conditioners, package air conditioners, car air conditioners and so forth for measuring their capacities. The measuring method used is as follows: A sample (air conditioner) is installed according to the ordinary method. Its cooling and heating performance is determined based on the intake and discharge air temperature to and from the indoor equipment, humidity and air flow rate. Direct swelling air conditioning and refrigeration system and the accurate and high quality code tester (airflow meter) can change test conditions smoothly. Capable of carrying out capacity tests under all conditions designated by JIS and ISO, this device is indispensable for the development of new products.

Balanced room-type calorimeter

Capacity tests of the sample on the indoor side (room air conditioner) are conducted using a direct method. Cooling performance is tested with refrigeration and dehumidification capacities, and heating performance with the heating capacity. These capacities are balanced with the heat capacity of respective measuring devices, and their thermal input is measured. The sample on the outdoor side is tested using an identical method to measure the thermal input during the cooling and heating operation. It is prescribed that the calculated values based on the measured values of the outdoor side shall coincide with the measured value of the indoor side with an error of 4% or less (JIS).

Secondary refrigerant Compressor calorimeter

This device measures the cooling capacity of various compressor units for room air conditioners, car air conditioners and refrigerators. There are several measuring methods, but the evaporator calorimeter method and the liquid refrigerant flow meter method are mainly adopted. Consequently, capacity measurement can be effected over wide ranges with high levels of accuracy. In particular, with the calorimetric measuring device for compact compressor models for refrigerators, accurate measurements can be carried out on an extremely small capacity of 100W/h or less by minimizing the compensation for heat leakage.

Refrigerant vapor flow Compressor calorimeter

The gas refrigerant flow meter method is used for testing the refrigeration capacity of various compressor units for package air conditioners, room air conditioners, car air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. by measuring the rate of gas refrigerant flowing through the cycles. It is a Compressor calorimeter based on the most advanced methodology. It has energy-saving features and greater reliable repeatability that does not use Freon gas (secondary refrigerant).

Car air conditioner bench testing device

This is a simulation test device configured on the basis of an actual vehicle for interior car air conditioners. Cooling and heating capacities are determined on the interior side. The measuring method is based on the air enthalpy measuring method. On the outside, an electric motor is substituted for the engine as the compressor power source. Torque is measured by controlling the ambient temperature of the compressor and the speed. An air flow measuring device is adopted on the condenser side that can control the flow rate according to the rate at the air intake.

Prefabricated environmental test chamber

In the Prefabricated environmental test chamber, estimated environmental conditions are created and reproduced through simulation with high fidelity and precision. This chamber can provide all kinds of material and products in the electronic equipment, biotechnology and automotive industries after being subject to severe environmental tests.

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