• What is mixing?
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Under our corporate theme of pursuing reliability, Satake's untiring enthusiasm for research and development based on a pioneering spirit and extensive experience allow us to produce unique and highly reliable products. As an equipment manufacturer, we believe that we can contribute to reducing environmental load and helping to eventually create a sustainable society by continually focusing on manufacturing highly efficient products.

What are the mixers and calorimeters used for?

What is mixing?
We will answer the question "What is mixing?"
We are deeply involved with mixing in our daily lives without even knowing it. At Satake, we pursue mixing technology thoroughly through constant research focused on creating the ultimate mixers.
Super-Mix Series
We are hereby introducing ultra high-performance mixers to you with confidence.
Take a look at our fleet of impellers that have been created from the fruits of integrating various technologies to efficiently obtain target mixing performance based on the aerofoil theory.
Satake calorimeters back up the development of refrigerators and air conditioners. These devices are indispensable for measuring their performance and capacity, and for verifying the results of R&D.

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