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Company Information

Since its establishment in 1920, Satake has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of the mixers industry and committed to staying on the pioneering path in the environmental testing equipment, refrigeration, and air conditioning equipment measuring device industries. Now, we are continuing our efforts wholeheartedly combining the group power of the overseas affiliates to solidifying our position as the No. 1 company in Asia. To respond to recent internationalization and technical advancement, we are trying to further enhance customer satisfaction and credibility by working on research development and technical innovation, as well as building up experience, raising production efficiency and stabilizing product quality. All our employees together, will continue to steadily advance into the future in strict compliance with lows, regulations, and ordinances. President, Mitsutoshi Nishioka

Corporate information about SATAKE CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT MFG. LTD. is available on our homepage.

Corporate data
The corporate data introduces SATAKE CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT MFG, a company committed to contributing to the international society.
Corporate history
This section describes the history of the company that has grown from 1920 to today together with you.
Quality policy
Based on our credo "We are dedicated to manufacturing products that meet our customers' needs with confidence", we will constantly offer the highest quality products to you.
Business locations
In addition to our business offices in Tokyo and Osaka, and our sales center in Nagoya, we maintain sales and business agents throughout Japan and abroad to support our worldwide business activities.

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